Cheek Frills

As I promised you, i will write this post in English too;-)

Let me introduce you all this insanely cute underwear brand “Cheek Frills” from London.
皆さんに、この、可愛すぎるアンダーウェアブランド、Cheek Frillsをご紹介♡

Cheek frills launched last year, by the gorgeous Lily Fortescue (her twin sister, Roise Fortescue is well known as one of the main cast members of British Reality-Drama “Made In Chelsea”)and they are sold in British posh boutique Austique, America’s most populor online store “SHOPBOP” and also in Selfridges London.

去年Lily Fortescue(彼女のtwin sister, Rosieはイギリスのリアリティーショー、Made In Chelseaに出演していて有名)によってローンチされたばかりの、ロンドンの新鋭アンダーウェアブランドで、すでに、アメリカ初大手オンラインショップ、SHOPBOPや、ロンドンの有名デパートSelfridgesなどでもお取り扱いを開始してる、大注目のブランドなの♡


They are made from 100% pure stretchy cotton. It’s very hard to tell you the softness and texture through pictures but trust me, they are heavenly soft and comfortable;-)
100% pureコットンで、お写真じゃ伝えにくいけれど、お肌にも優しく、伸縮性もあってつるんとした肌触りですごく気持ちいの!

As my very first experience of Cheek frills, I’ve chosen these 3 sets, Days of the week box set, Fashion Jet Set Box and Long weekend Box Set. I ordered them at SHOPBOP this time because it was the fastest option to ship to Japan. (i just could not wait any longer!! haha)
今回はね、Day of the week, Fashion Jet Set, Long Weekendの3BOXをオーダーしました♡


It’s already said “what day” on each of knckers(Long weekend/Days of the week set) so would be a great way to save your time in a busy morning;-)
何曜日!って刺繍してあるから、毎朝どれにしようか迷う時間も省けて、busy girlsにはぴったりね!


Friday, Saturday, Sunday and HAPPY DAY! so cute!!


and LONDON of course♡


Follow them on Twitter: @CheekFrills

Well, as you may know, I am currently working as a PR for bespoke lingerie brand Chiyono Anne (based in Tokyo) so wasn’t really sure if its appropriate to write about other underwear brand. However, I would like to keep sharing what i truly like and what i actually wear every day with all of you so I decided to write this post;-)

わたし、CAのPRもしてるし、他のlingerie brandを書くのってどうかなーとも思ったんだけど、、(well,Cheek frillsはどちらかというと”アンダーウエア”ブランドだけど!)



If you are in London, you can find them in Selifridge, also in Austique (king’s road).

Cheek Frillsは日本でのお取り扱いはまだないんだけど、上で書いたようにSHOPBOP/Austiqueだと海外発送してくれますよ!

also, i just found out now they are all 20-30% Off on SHOPBOP! go and get yours now!!


Check it out♡

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